Leadership Development at Bethel

Building a Firm Foundation of Faith & Practice

Course Introduction

As Christians, it is important for us to be attentive to our own continuing processes of spiritual formation. In addition to daily times of prayer and Bible study, followers of Christ should experience a wide variety of spiritual disciplines. Further, each disciple should develop the habit of participating in Sunday Church services - for worship, for Christian community, and for personal renewal.

Based on these assumptions, the courses offered in Level 1 of the Leadership Development School – ‘Foundation’, provide participants with an opportunity to explore a variety of spiritual disciplines and to experience an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Course Schedule

All course participants will meet for classes/sessions on Tuesdays (beginning January 12, 2010) from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

An introduction to the Leadership Development School – ‘Foundations’ and a short orientation will be conducted on the first day. To fulfill the requirements, participants will choose one of the following 2 options:

Option 1 – “Understanding the Basics of Serving God”

God has a destiny for your life! Where do you fit in God's plan? How do you find your place of service in God's kingdom? What gifts or talents has God given you for serving Him? Is there a place for you in the local church? This course will help leaders and believers discover their God-given destiny and His plan for service and leadership in the local church.

Option 2 – “The Master Plan of Evangelism”

We must know how a course of action fits into the overall plan God has for our lives if it is to thrill our souls with a sense of destiny… Everything we do must have a purpose. Otherwise our activity can be lost in aimlessness and confusion. Christ’s life was ordered by his objective. He never lost sight of his goal. He had confidence in the future precisely because he lived according to that plan in the present. There was nothing haphazard about his life. The Son of God calculated to win. This course will help leaders and believers discover Christ’s plan for evangelism. So simple and so different from that of the modern church that its implications are revolutionary.

Course Requirements

Participants in each option will: Attend all class sessions (unless arrangements are made in advance with the teacher) Purchase and read the assigned book (as indicated in the course outline) Submit a reflection paper on the classroom experience, the assigned readings, and the overall teaching. The course will use a Pass/Fail grading system based on attendance and completed homework assignments.