Our Pastor

Pastor Anthony Does

Anthony was born and raised in Woodstock, Ontario. His upbringing on a fruit and vegetable farm was filled with many adventures and many of these stories live on in his telling. After High School he spent the next years of his life at Circle Square Ranches in Ontario and New Brunswick. He then went to Bible School at the Institute of Ministry in Bradenton, Florida. After a few of years working in construction and driving truck, he began his journey into full-time ministry as Youth Pastor in 1985 in his hometown at Eastdale Christian Outreach Centre. In 1990 moving to Toronto he became the Youth & Young Adult Pastor at Evangel Temple.

Anthony met his wife Sonja on a flight to Bogota, Colombia (ask them about this story). A couple of years later in 2002 they were married and joined the staff of Toronto City Church as Associate Pastor that same year.

Presently, Anthony is the Lead Pastor at Bethel Church, in cottage country northeast of Toronto, Canada. Anthony, along with his wife Sonja, enjoy building a life together with their daughter, Savannah, in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes. Anthony's two sons, AJ and Alexander, both of which he is extremely proud of, have grown up to pursue their own dreams in life and career and now reside in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. He also has two grandsons, Donovan and Austin, who are the cutest little boys. Anthony enjoys soccer, snowboarding and Kawartha Dairy Moose Tracks ice cream but not necessarily in that order.


Pastor Anthony Does has been following Jesus since his teen years. Convinced that the world is changed by dreamers and visionaries, Pastor Anthony inspires others to pursue their personal God given assignment. With a heart to see the great commission fulfilled, he has taken numerous mission teams to over a dozen nations and witnessed Gods' supernatural power bring healing and hope to many.

Pastor Anthony is a dynamic speaker with a unique and powerful gift for imparting the Word of God in creative and often humorous ways. He is impassioned to live a life of influence to see the culture of our times turn to Christ. Author Anthony J. Does recently had his first book published. “Blurry Daydream: When Faith Feels Like Make Believe” and has been critically praised and widely accepted. You can find out more about his book at www.anthonydoes.com Anthony is also 'digital immigrant' and a 'prophetic optimist' and as a social media maven you will find his posts amusing and occasionally inspiring. You can add him as a friend on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @anthonydoes